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Spike Brewing | 3 Port Stainless Steel Gas Manifold Bundle for Spike Conical Fermentors

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Designed to attach directly to the 1.5" TC port on your fermenter's lid, this manifold allows you to easily add pressure for transferring to kegs, stuck yeast dumps, purging oxygen, etc. One part, three functions...what more could you ask for?   

The manifold has 3 ports for a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and a ball lock gas post. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. One part, three functions!

Gas Manifold Bundle:

  • Gas Manifold Package
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Release Valve (PRV)
  • Gas Post

Purging oxygen from your fermenters and using closed transfer processes allows you to make beer that has had virtually no contact with outside oxygen from when you pitch the yeast until when you pour the first pint. No more stale cardboard flavours from oxidation and longer shelf stability and aging potential!

**This gas manifold is not designed as a spunding valve/for use during pressure fermentation; don't put this on your fermenter until it has stopped producing CO2. The PRV can clog and causing the lid to dislodge resulting in injury or death. If you are looking to spund or pressure fermenter with your fermenter please use our All-In-One PRV.