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FermZilla | Hop Bong 2" Tri-Clamp

Original price $24.98 - Original price $163.99
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$24.98 - $163.99
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Named purely on its looks and not its function. The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clover accessory, capable of not only dry hopping oxygen purged hops into fermenters. But also as an inline carbonation/oxygenation accessory.

This particular sized tri-clover Hop Bong was designed for the FermZilla Tri-Conical and All Rounder Fermenters with the new Tri-Clover Adapted Pressure Lid. It can also be adapted to any 2" Tri-Clover port in your system to use either inline or as a dry hopping device.

Constructed from Nylon 12: An autoclaved, extremely robust, and chemical resistant engineering plastic.

Please note that the Hop Bong is not made from glass. It is made from special engineering plastic.

Capacity in Hop Pellets
150g to 180g

Suggested setup also needs (Hop Bong Kit):

Fermzilla Tri Clover Pressure Lid kit​ 
Fermzilla Hop Bong Valve
Fermzilla Pressure Relief Cap
Cornelius Pressure Relief Valve (RPV) (RED 35psi/2.5BAR) 
2 x 2" tri-clamp gasket
2 x 2" tri-clamp
2 x red pressure cap
1 x yellow pressure cap
1 x stainless steel ball float
1 x floating dip tube filter