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LalBrew | Windsor British Style Ale Yeast (11 g)

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LalBrew® Windsor ale yeast is a true English strain that produces a balanced fruity aroma and imparts a slight fresh yeasty flavour. Beers created with Windsor are usually described as full-bodied, fruity English ales. Brewers choose LalBrew® Windsor to produce beers that range from Pale Ale to Porter with moderate alcohol levels and the flavour and aroma characteristics of the best traditional ales. 

Attenuation: Medium
Flocculation: Low
Temperature Range: 15-25°C (59-72°F) 
Aroma and Flavour: Fruity and Estery

Beer Styles: Milds, Bitters, Irish Reds, English Brown ales, Porters and Sweet Stouts.

Natural, Kosher, GMO Free