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Pale Ale Malt - Barn Owl (55 lb)

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A versatile pale malt that is moderately kilned, providing lightly toasted notes with a mild malty finish.  Great for a wide range of North American and British style ales. 2-Row AC Newdale barley grown in Almonte, Ontario.

Full Sack (25 kg/55 lb)

Made from traditional, premium grade, Canadian malting barley. 2 Row is the most popular and commonly used malt in modern brewing, it's a perfect base for all beer styles. This malt is noted for excellent fermentability and high extract potential. 2-Row is neutrally flavoured and allows hops and yeast characteristics to shine through. For beers that need more malt character, we suggest adding a portion of crystal or other specialty malt variety to your recipe.

Recommended Maximum Usage: Up to 100%

Typical Beer Styles: All, IPA, Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Lager, etc.

Suggested Alternatives: Pale Ale, Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Pilsner, Vienna, Munich