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Jockey Box Rental - Dual Faucet with 5 lb CO2 Tank - $149.99/3 Days

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Jockey Box Rental, Dual Faucet.

Choose between Sanke D (domestic commercial kegs) or Cornelius/Ball-lock (homebrew) setups. Comes with a filled 5 lb CO2 tank included in rental price, enough to dispense 6-8 half barrel kegs. 3-day rental, please CONTACT US to confirm availability. 

Party coolers, also known as Jockey Boxes, are a great way to keep the beer flowing. Jockey Box Coolers allow you to dispense keg beer anywhere, anytime without using electricity. Using CO2 for dispensing and cooling beer with ice and water, Jockey Boxes are the easy way to serve cold beer all day.