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Penguin Chillers | Glycol Pump

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$134.99 - $329.99
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Fully Submersible Pumps

  • Standard Pump
    • 12v DC / 19w 
    • 3.5 GPM max
    • 3/8′ Barb Adapter
    • 16′ Head height max
    • 1.65″W / 3.1″D / 2.5″ H
  • XL Pump
    • 24v DC / 60w
    • 6.3 GPM max
    • 3/8′ or 1/2′ Barb adapters
    • 32′ Head height max
    • 2.35″W / 3.65″D / 4.30″ H

Penguin Chillers offers a line of fully submersible Glycol Pumps for use with our Glycol Chillers and Tubing. When setting up a Glycol Chiller, standard practice is to use one pump per fermenter or vessel that you wish to cool. In this setup each pump is plugged into its own glycol pump controller. Each controller independently monitors each fermenter or vessels temperature and turns the pump on/off accordingly to regulate the temperature. The controller on the glycol chilling unit will regulate the temperature in the glycol reservoir. This ensures there is always cold glycol on hand, as needed, to cool the fermenters. Our pumps work great for brewers that cycle their pumps on & off, or choose to run them longer during a cold crash.

Pump Size Options:

When testing our XL pump under what we consider to be a “normal” setup, we found that the XL pump provided roughly 2 times the flow rate when using 3/8″ inch tubing and 4 times the flow rate when using the 1/2″ inch tubing.

Sizing: Up to 2 BBL – Standard pump Up to 4 BBL – XL Pump used with 3/8″ tubing Up to 10 BBL – XL Pump used with 1/2″ tubing *Please note that the length of tubing used, any vertical height changes, and the number of fittings used, will all reduce the flow of your pump.

Our sizing recommendations are just suggestions. In the end, your pumps functionality will be determined by your set up and the pumps load. 

Pump Set-Up Information and use:

Standard Pump: Your pump is fully submersible and should be placed directly into the chillers reservoir. This pump should not be continuously running 24/7.

XL Pump: 2 Adapter Fittings are provided with your pump. Select proper fitting for your tubing size and place it on the “OUTLET” side of pump. Only 1 fitting needs to be used. DO NOT use a fitting on the “INLET” side of your pump. Your pump is fully submersible and should be placed directly into the chillers reservoir. This pump should NOT be continuously running 24/7.

We do not recommend using our pumps for applications requiring extended run periods without cycling. This includes draft systems, or brewing setups wanting to use a header line and solenoid valves. The occasional 8 straight hours of run time shouldn’t be an issue. However, running the pump in 8 hour blocks 7 days a week is going to significantly shorten the life span of the pump.