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White Labs | WLE4000 Clarity Ferm (10ml Vial)

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A highly specific endoprotease that prevents chill haze in beer by hydrolyzing haze-active polypeptides where the hydrogen bonding that causes chill haze occurs. For use at the beginning of fermentation; made with DSM Brewers Clarex®. As a side effect, Clarity-Ferm has been also found to reduce gluten in beer made with barley.

WHAT IS CLARITY-FERM? It is an enzyme containing proline-specific endo-protease derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.

FOR APPLICATION IN CHILL HAZE REDUCTION: This easy-to-use enzyme breaks down the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides that create chill haze. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters such as head retention or colour are affected.

FOR APPLICATION IN GLUTEN REDUCTION: This enzyme is a proline-specific protease. It chops up the gluten proteins so that people with gluten sensitivities do not react adversely. When used correctly, beers treated with Clarity Ferm test below 20 ppm of gluten.

HOW TO USE CLARITY FERM: Visit and use the dosage rate calculator to determine proper dosing based on the type of beer that’s being brewed. Specifics on the malt percentage, original gravity and volume are taken into consideration. Simply add when pitching yeast, and Clarity Ferm will do its work during fermentation. Once fermentation is complete, the possibility of chill haze will be eliminated and the beer will be stable and clear.


  • Hold product at 39-46˚F (4-8˚C) for extended shelf life
  • Stable for 12 months
  • Contains sodium benzoate
  • Can be used with all types of malted barley and other raw ingredients
  • This product is non-GMO