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10 Tips for a Successful Bottling Day

1. Bottles. 

Opt for label-free bottles to save yourself from the task of removing labels from 50 bottles, which can be quite a challenge. Consider purchasing new bottles or check with your local brewery to see if they have any available for use.

2. Timing.

Allocate a generous amount of time for the task ahead. Rushing through the process can lead to complications later on. Generally, setting aside two to three hours is sufficient for bottling five gallons of homebrew, unless label removal is required – in that case, plan for around 3-4 hours.

3. Clean, clean, clean.

Prep your workspace in advance by giving it a thorough cleaning. Just like cooking is smoother in a tidy kitchen, the same principle applies to bottling your homebrew.

4.  Enlist a companion to join you.

Bottling your homebrew becomes a more pleasant experience when shared with a friend. Dividing tasks not only accelerates the process but also adds to the enjoyment. Plus, you might even spark the interest of a potential new homebrewer along the way.

5. Clean beer bottles.

Begin with freshly cleaned beer bottles. This is a key suggestion for bottling your homebrew. If you're recycling beer bottles, make sure to rinse them immediately after use. With clean bottles, a brief soak in a sanitizer solution is all that's needed to prepare them for use.

6. Position fermenter ahead of time.

Position the carboy ahead of time. Placing the carboy on the counter in advance allows the yeast and other sediment to settle before transferring to the bottling bucket.  Place a wedge (a hockey puck works great!) under one side of fermenter to allow yeast to slide to one side.

7. Priming sugar calculator.

We like this one: Beer Priming Sugar Calculator

8. Remember the caps!

Don't forget to sanitize your caps.  A small bucket of sanitizer is handy to have close by for caps, dipping fingers etc.....

9. Warm 'em up.

Store your beer bottles in a cozy, dark spot at room temperature and exercise patience for 2-3 weeks. Adhering to this advice can be the most challenging aspect of bottling homebrew. To resist the urge of indulging prematurely, consider treating yourself to some fine, top-notch beer to enjoy during the waiting period.

10. Enjoy.

Chill, serve and drink.