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Canadian Homebrew Clubs

British Columbia
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories



    Victoria, BC
    Facebook: BrewVic
    Twitter: @BrewVic

    Brew Westminister

    New Westminister, BC
    Meets: Ad Hoc, usually on Thursdays at 7pm
    Contact: Curtis Van Marck

     Fraser Valley Fermentalists

    Maple Ridge, BC
    Meets: Every last Thursday of the month
    Notable Events: Quarterly club brew day/BBQ
    Facebook: Fraser Valley Fermentalists
    Contact: Damian

    Full Barrel Homebrew Club

    Langley, BC
    Meets: Adhoc
    Twitter: @fullbarrelbrew
    Instagram: @fullbarrelbrew
    Contact: Dave Henry

    Nanaimo Brew Club

    Nanaimo, BC
    Meets: Ad-hoc, but usually on a Saturday
    Facebook: Nanaimo Brew Club
    Contact: Facebook

    OK Brewers

    Kelowna, BC
    Facebook: OKBrewers

    Sunshine Coast Home Brewing Network

    Sunshine Coast region, BC
    Facebook: Sunshine Coast British Columbia Home Brewing Network

    Ten Corners Homebrew Club

    Chilliwack, BC
    Facebook: Ten Corners Homebrew Club

    Tricities Brew Club

    Port Moody, BC
    Facebook: Tricities Brew Club
    Twitter: @TriCityBrewClub


    Vancouver, BC
    Meets: Last Thursdays of the month, with summers off
    Notable Events: VanBrewers Homebrew Competition (May)
    Facebook: Vanbrewers
    Twitter: @VanBrewers
    Instagram: @vanbrewers

     The Misty Moutain Mashers

    Terrace and NW BC Region
    Meets: Ad-hoc, with active virtual brewing chats for members
    Facebook: Misty Mountain Mashers
    Instagram: @MistyMountainMashers
    Contact: Email


    Badlands Brew Club

    Southern Alberta & SW Saskatchewan
    Meets: Ad-hoc
    Facebook: Badlands Brew Club
    Contact: James Norwood

     Edmonton Homebrewers Guild

    Edmonton, AB
    Meets: Ever first non-holiday Monday of the month, with summers off
    Notable Events: Aurora Brewing Challenge (May)
    Twitter: @EdmHomebrewers
    Instagram: @yeghomebrewersguild
    Contact: Mike Kasun

    Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

    Calgary, AB
    Meets: Every 1st Wednesday of the month @ 8pm, with summers off
    Notable Events: Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Homebrew Roundup (February)
    Facebook: Cowtown Yeast WRanglers Club Page
    Twitter: @yeastwranglers

    Lethbridge Werthogs

    Lethbridge, AB
    Meets: Every 3rd Sunday of the month @ 2pm, with summers off
    Notable Events: Lethbridge Werthogs Wertcontest (March)
    Twitter: @werthogs
    Contact: Sean Cormican

    Passtime Brewers

    SW Alberta & SE BC
    Meets: Ad-hoc
    Facebook: Passtime Brewers
    Contact: Leigh Aris

    Red Deer Brewers

    Red Deer, AB
    Meets: Adhoc, but usually first Thursdays of the month at 7pm
    Facebook: Red Deer Brewers
    Twitter: @RDBrewers
    Contact: Kurt Pearson

    Battle River Brewers

    Central Alberta
    Meets: Monthly


    The Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES)

    Regina, SK
    Meets: Every first Wednesday of the month, with summers off
    Notable Events: ALES Home Brew Open (April), Big Brew Day (May), ALES BBQ (June), Teach a Friend to Brew Day (October)
    Facebook: ALES Club
    Twitter: ALES Club
    Contact: Exec

    Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Club

    Saskatoon, SK
    Meets: Every 2nd Tuesday, with summers off
    Notable Events: Headhunters Annual Competition (November)
    Facebook: Saskatoon Headhunters
    Twitter: @Saskatoon Headhunters
    Contact: Greg Paterson


     Winnipeg Brew Bombers

    Winnipeg, MB
    Meets: Monthly, every 1st Tuesdays @ 7pm, with summers off
    Notable Events: Pro/Am Brew Challenge (October)
    Facebook: Winnipeg Brew Bombers
    Twitter: @WpgBrewBombers
    Contact: President


    Ottawa Homebrew Society

    Ottawa, ON
    Meets: Every six weeks
    Facebook: Ottawa Homebrew Society
    Instagram: Ottawa Homebrew Society

    Cottage Country Brewers

    Simcoe & Muskoka Region, ON
    Facebook: Cottage Country Brewers

    Durham Homebrewers Club

    Durham region, ON
    Meets: Adhoc
    Notable Events: Internal Last Brewer homebrew competition, Advent Calendar
    Twitter: @DurhamHomebrew
    Instagram: @DurhamHomebrewersClub
    Contact: Christopher Bourdages

    GTA Brews

    Toronto, ON
    Meets: Monthly, every 2nd Monday of the month @ 7pm
    Notable Events: Brew Slam Homebrew Competition, Cask Days, Learn2Brew, Advent Calendar
    Facebook: GTA Brews
    Twitter: @GTABrews
    Instagram: @GTABrews
    Contact: David Larocque

    Hamilton Ontario Zymurgy Enthusiasts Ring (HOZER)

    Hamilton, ON
    Notable Events: Because Beer Homebrew Comp (May/ June)
    Contact: Jason Stranak

     Kingston Area Brewers of Beer (KABOB)

    Kingston, ON
    Meets: Ad hoc
    Notable Events: Local homebrew competitions
    Google Group: KABOB
    Facebook: Kingston Area Brewers of Beer

    London Homebrewers Guild

    London, ON
    Notable Events: Forest City Beer Bout (October)
    Facebook: London Homebrewers Guild
    Twitter: @london_brewers
    Instagram: @londonbrewers

    Maple City Brewing Alliance

    Chatham, ON
    Meets: Monthly, every 2nd Tuesday of the month
    Notable Events: Annual homebrew competition
    Facebook: Maple City Brewing Alliance
    Twitter: Maple City Brewing Alliance
    Instagram: @Maple City Brewing Alliance
    Contact: Stephen Goodal

    Members of Barleyment (MoB)

    Ottawa, ON
    Meets: Once a year, usually in first weekend of June
    Mailing List Sign Up Here

    Niagara Homebrewer Society

    Niagara region, ON
    Facebook: Niagara Homebrewer Society

    North Bay Homebrewers Club

    North Bay, ON
    Meets: Ad-hoc
    Facebook: North Bay Homebrewers Club
    Contact: Contact page on website

    True Grist

    Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
    Meets: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
    Notable Events: Big Brew (May), Internal “True Brewer” homebrew comp (Fall/Winter)
    Facebook: True Grist Homebrew Club
    Twitter: @TrueGristHBC
    Instagram: @TrueGristHBC
    Contact: Justin Angevaare

    Windsor Homebrewers Guild

    Windsor, ON
    Meets: Ad-hoc, but usually 3rd Sunday of the Month
    Facebook: Windsor Homebrewers Guild
    Contact: JP Gallant

    Kawartha Homebrewers Club

    Kawartha Lake area, ON
    Facebook: Kawarth Homebrewers Club
    Contact: Bradley Van Gerven

    Brewshiners of Georgian Bay

    South End of Georgian Bay (Collingwood, Thornbury, Stayner and Wasaga Beach and places in between), ON
    Meets: Last Wednesday of every month
    Contact: Joanne Anderson


    Le Ale’gators Brewclub

    Quebec City, QC
    Meets: Once a month
    Notable Events: Couple of homebrew competitions a year


    Montreal, QC
    Meets: Every second week of the month
    Notable Events: IronAler (November)
    Facebook: MontreaAlers
    Twitter: @ClubMontreAlers
    Contact: Sam Leitkam



    Facebook: Brewnettes


    St John’s, NL
    Meets: Ad hoc
    Notable Events: Annual Competition, Advent Calendar
    Facebook: Newfermenters
    Twitter: @Newfermenters
    Contact: Craig Farewell/ Bill Burton

    Middle of Nowhere Homebrew Club

    Labrador City, NL
    Facebook: Middle of Nowhere Homebrew Club



    Halifax, NS
    Facebook: The Brewnosers
    Twitter: @thebrewnosers


    Yukon Homebrewers

    Whitehorse, YT
    Facebook: Yukon Homebrewers


    Aroma Borealis Homebrew Club

    Yellowknife, NWT