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How do I control my boil with the Spike Nano controllers?

Here are some best practices to follow when boiling with the Spike Nano systems!

  1. Wait until your heating elements are completely covered before flipping elements on.
  2. On the boil kettle only, make sure your PID is set to manual mode. This will allow us to control heating output by percentage instead of actual temperature. This works similar to dialing your gas burner up or down, but on a numeric scale of 0-100.
  3. To move your PID to manual mode, start on the temperature readout screen, and hold the left most button for 3 seconds until menu options appear.
  4. Push the next button to the right 4 times until you see "Ctrl". If it is in Manual Mode it will say "Manu". If not, use the two right most buttons to change the mode. Press the left most button to confirm your selection.
  5. To start boil, set percentage 100%. Once you have a rolling boil, drop percentage down to 75% and watch for a boil over. Depending on the strength of your beer (dissolved sugars in the wort) the output can be set as law as 50 or as high as 80 to maintain a good rolling boil without boil over.