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Liquid Yeast


We're passionate about liquid yeast and believe it offers significant advantages over dry yeast for brewers seeking the best possible results. While dry yeast has its place, it's not always the ideal option. Here's why:

Thriving Yeast, Tastier Beer:

  • Healthier Cells, Better Flavour: Liquid yeast boasts close to 99% viability, with healthy, intact cells full of energy for fermentation. This translates to better flavour profiles and fewer off-flavours compared to dry yeast, which can be stressed by the drying process.

  • Precise Pitching, Consistent Results: Liquid yeast allows for accurate pitching, ensuring you use the right amount of viable cells. Dry yeast variability makes this difficult, leading to over-pitching and a "dead yeast" taste in your beer.

Cleanliness Matters:

  • Reduced Risk of Contamination: Liquid yeast has a lower risk of contamination compared to dry yeast. Our rigorous testing methods ensure your brew starts clean, leading to better beer.

Unleash the Potential:

  • Unmatched Strain Variety: Liquid yeast offers a vast selection of unique strains, allowing you to craft beers with distinct flavours and characteristics. Dry yeast's limited variety restricts your creative expression.

Sustainable Brewing:

  • Reuse and Reduce: Liquid yeast's superior health allows for easy re-pitching, saving money and minimizing waste. Dry yeast often requires repurchase, making liquid yeast more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Energy Efficiency: Drying yeast is an energy-intensive process. Liquid yeast eliminates this unnecessary step, minimizing your environmental footprint.

Shelf Life:

We acknowledge that dry yeast has a longer shelf life. However, with proper refrigeration – readily available in most places – liquid yeast offers excellent shelf life. 

For brewers seeking superior control, flavour, and sustainability, liquid yeast is the clear choice. Let Toronto Brewing help you elevate your brewing experience!