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2” Tri-Clamp Sight Glass with Pyrex Glass | Spike Brewing

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Spike's engineers have totally redesigned the 2" TC sight glass from the ground up! Standard sight glasses use 4 long bolts that need to be tightened in a criss-cross pattern to get even pressure to avoid leaks. Our new design is made up of only 5 parts compared to 26 parts in a standard sight glass. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble; simply twist the knurled end cap off. The glass is also protected by the stainless guard which protects the glass from even the clumsiest brewer. 

The sight glass allows for direct attachment to the bottom port of our conicals. The sight glass allows for monitoring flow, colour and clarity. A sight glass is also helpful when collecting yeast.


  • 2" TC
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Extra thick Pyrex glass
  • 6” long
  • 25% lighter than previous design