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Kegmenter - Ball Lock Keg Unitank (15 Gal/58L)

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These 58L stainless steel vessels are designed just like a commercial beer keg but with a large 10cm (4inch) tri-clover opening at the top so you can easily get inside the keg to clean it out.  This 58L size is perfect for doing 50L batches so you have a bit of spare head space inside the Kegmenter.

The Kegmenter comes with a 4" tri-clover ball lock lid will enable you to turn your kegmenter into a unitank, pressurizable fermenter or so it can be used as a keg.

The Kegmenter can hold 36 PSI, which makes it possible to carbonate and ferment in the same vessel. You can either carbonate naturally with the use of our adjustable pressure relief valve (spunding valve) or if you are using a CO2 gas cylinder you can force carbonate.

Being able to hold pressure also means you can push the beer out of the fermenter directly through a filter or even dispense directly from fermenter to draft beer tap if you wanted to.

The chimes on the Kegmenters have specifically been designed to be taller than normal chimes so they are high enough to give clearance over the stainless posts on the Ball Lock Post Lid.  This means the Kegmenters can be stacked. The interlocking stacking chimes means the kegs can be safely stacked up to 4 high.