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6.5 Gallon Food Grade Bottling Bucket with Spigot

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6.5 gallon food-grade bottling bucket with Spigot.

Lid not included.

Bucket Features:

  • Food grade plastic
  • Perfect for 5 gallon batches
  • Solid construction with heavy-duty handle for moving while full
  • Easy to clean and store when not in use
  • Volume marks

Bottling Instructions:

Materials Needed

  • Sanitized bottles and caps
  • Priming sugar (if needed)
  • Bottling bucket with spigot
  • Clean, sanitized workspace


  1. Sanitize Everything: Ensure all your equipment, including bottles, caps, and spigot is thoroughly sanitized. This step is crucial to prevent contamination.

  2. Prepare Priming Solution (if needed): If you're priming your beer with sugar for carbonation, dissolve the calculated amount of priming sugar in a small amount of boiling water and let it cool.

  3. Set Up Bottling Area: Place your clean, sanitized bottling bucket on a stable surface, and position it higher than where the bottles will be filled. This elevation helps with siphoning.

  4. Siphon Beer into Bottling Bucket: Using a siphon or tubing, transfer your beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket. Place the tubing into the fermenter, ensuring it's above the trub (sediment at the bottom). Start the siphon by filling the tubing with water, then let the beer flow into the bottling bucket.

  5. Add Priming Sugar (if applicable): If you're using priming sugar, gently pour it into the bottling bucket before transferring the beer. The beer mixing with the sugar will evenly distribute it for carbonation.

  6. Fill Bottles: Place a sanitized bottle under the wand and press it against the bottom to start the flow of beer. Fill the bottle almost to the top, leaving a bit of space for the cap.

  7. Cap the Bottles: Once filled, cap each bottle using a sanitized bottle capper.

  8. Store the Bottles: Store the capped bottles in a cool, dark place for the beer to carbonate. The time needed for carbonation can vary; usually, it takes a few weeks.

  9. Enjoy: After carbonation, refrigerate the beer before serving. Crack open a bottle and enjoy your homebrew!

Remember, cleanliness and sanitation are crucial throughout the entire bottling process to ensure the beer stays free from contamination and develops good flavours.