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Acidulated Malt

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BEST Acidulated Malt is used to optimize the pH in the mash when the water used for brewing is suboptimal (too high in PH). Ideal PH conditions will increase enzyme activity in the mash and yield higher levels of sugars and improved flavour stability. The malt also produces a lighter colour in the wort and balances the flavour of the beer. The amount used and its effect on the mash pH must be determined by testing PH as there are many other factors to consider. The pH of the wort and the end beer is generally not reduced as the improved starch conversion results in more buffer substances being formed. BEST Acidulated Malt complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot which prohibits the addition of lactic acid or brewing salts for managing PH.

Typical Styles: Traditional German Ales, Traditional German Lagers

Recommended Maximum Usage: Up to 10% for PH reduction

Suggested Alternatives: Use lactic acid to reduce PH levels.