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Malolactic Bacteria - Alpha 1 Step (100 hL - 2600 gal)

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1-Step® cultures are improved versions of an old concept. The purpose is to provide winemakers with a product that combines the economy and activity of standard strains with a degree of the convenience associated with the direct inoculation strains.

In lieu of direct inoculation or prolonged build-up, a simple 18–24 hour acclimatization step is required using a culture of Oenococcus oeni and an activator (included in the kits). 1-Step cultures are a good choice when efficiency and cost management are essential.

The 1-Step cultures can also be used to restart a stuck or sluggish MLF. None of our commercial ML strains contain the decarboxylase enzymes known to produce biogenic amines.

1-Step® Alpha (same strain as Enoferm Alpha) was selected by the IFV in France from a spontaneous malolactic fermentation. It shows good fermentation activity.

The 1-Step Alpha starter kit combines a highly effective malolactic starter culture with an activator to induce malolactic fermentation in an 18–24 hour acclimatization procedure.

Known strain that has proven effective at alcohol levels up to 15.5% (v/v), pH above 3.2, total SO2 up to 50 ppm, and temperature down to 14°C(57°F).

Prior to use please review the Rehydration Protocols for Sequenial Inoculation or for Co-Inoculation.


All malolactic bacteria sold by Scott Laboratories requires an expedited shipping method packed with ice. Please refrigerate or freeze all cultures immediately after receipt to ensure optimal viability of the bacteria when used. It is possible that the ice may have melted and the product may have warmed during shipment. DO NOT BE ALARMED. These bacteria were produced according to a proprietary process that is different from competitive direct inoculation products. Thus, provided that any warming period is short term and moderate (e.g. 48 hours at 86°F/30°C), viability will be excellent.