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Anvil Brewing | Foundry™ - 18 Gallon Premium Recirculation Kit

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Maximize Your Mash Efficiency!

Recirculating during the mash is a game-changer for boosting efficiency by extracting more sugars from the grain. This Premium Recirculation Kit is designed to help do just that, as you make the most out of your mash with ease. At the heart of this kit is our Anvil Brewing Pump-XP, renowned for its whisper-quiet operation and optimal flow, ensuring smooth recirculation and wort transfer.

Tailored for all-grain brewing, this Premium Recirculation Kit includes a perforated disk to clarify the wort as it passes through, along with a flow clamp and tubing to effortlessly connect the kit to your brewing system.  

About the Anvil Brewing Pump-XP

Easier to Brew

  • Sturdy stable heavy metal gauge base prevents tipping, even when all the fittings are connected
  • Unique fan-less motor design provides a whisper-quiet operation
  • Configure and mount in limitless combinations to suit your set-up, with the 360-degree rotating pump head
  • Versatile pump that can be used anywhere in your brewing set-up due to the high-temperature impeller

Easier to Clean

  • The stainless steel Tri-Clamp pump head effortlessly disassembles in a matter of seconds
  • Tool-free design makes cleaning a breeze

Easier to Prime

  • Air vent and discharge barb quickly prime the pump
  • A conveniently located water-resistant switch powers the pump off and on

Premium Recirculation Kit Includes:

  • 10-24 SS Nuts (2)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Eyebolt
  • 4' Silicone Hose Tubing  
  • 1/2" Plastic Clamps (4) for Hose Connection
  • Pinch Clamp for Flow Control
  • 1/2" Quick Connect Straight Barb (2)
  • Perforated Disc
  • Anvil Foundry™ Lid Tube 
  • Anvil Brewing Pump-XP

Anvil Brewing Pump-XP Specifications:

  • 1/2” NPT with Tri-Clamp head for easy cleaning
  • Made of 304 stainless steel precision machined casting, with maximized inlet and outlet ports
  • 360-degree rotating pump head can be mounted and configured in limitless combinations
  • 6-foot power cord included
  • Max Flow 6 GPM
  • Max Head 10 FT
  • High-temperature impeller
  • Efficient and whisper-quite 120v motor, with 0.24 amp draw
  • Fully serviceable pump, with replacement parts available