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Aromatic Malt - Briess (50 lb)

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European-style dark Munich Malt that provides clean, intensely malty flavour. Typical styles are Oktoberest/Marzen, Bock-style, Belgian-style or any beer needing a more malty flavour and aroma.

Typical Beer Style(s): Bock, Belgian Ale, Brown Ale, Dunkel, Oktoberfest, Marzen

Possible Substitution(s): Amber, Victory, Caramunich II, Munich, Melanoidin

SRM: 20

Moisture: 2.5%

Yield on Grind: 79%

Usage Levels / Beer Styles:

  • 5-10% - Any style needing an enhanced malty flavour and aroma
  • Up to 50% - Bock/Doppelbock style beers for an exaggerated maltiness