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Aromatic Malt - Briess (50 lb)

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Beginning slightly sweet and delivering an array of toasted flavours, this aromatic malt is smooth and clean with a slightly dry finish. Contributes light brown and orange colour as well as an intensely malty flavour in any beer.

A European-style Munich Malt that provides, clean, intensely malty flavour. Typically used in Oktoberfest, Bock, or Belgian style beers, this malt is a fantastic complement to any beer needing a more malty flavour and aroma. Produced in the U.S. from recommended AMBA/BMBRI 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.


  • Malt Style: Munich Malt
  • Flavour: Very smooth, clean, slightly sweet, rich intense malty
  • Color: Deep golden with orange hues

Diastatic Power: 20

Extract Percentage: 77%

Lovibond: 20º

Moisture Percentage: 2.5%

Grain Usage: Up to 50% for Bock/Doppelbock style beers for an exaggerated maltiness

Grain Type: Lightly Kilned / Toasted Malt

Malt Color: Medium-Light (15-60° L)

Alpha Amylase: 25

Possible Substitutions:

  • Biscuit Malt: This is the most direct substitute in terms of the toasty, bready biscuit notes. However, it lacks the sweetness and other complexities of aromatic malt [1, 2].

  • Crystal Malt (around 15-20L): Crystal malts in this range offer a similar colour contribution (light amber to copper) and a touch of sweetness, although the caramel character will be more prominent compared to aromatic malt's honeyed notes 

  • Caraaroma Malt: This malt provides a similar amber colour and some sweetness, but with a less pronounced biscuit character than aromatic malt [2]. It can be a good option if you want the colour and sweetness without overpowering biscuit flavours.

  • A blend: Experiment with combining biscuit malt with either Caraaroma or a touch of Crystal Malt (around 10-15L) to achieve a closer overall profile to aromatic malt. This allows you to balance the biscuit character with a hint of sweetness