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Blackprinz Malt - Briess (1 lb)

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Blackprinz: The Unobtrusive Dark Knight of Malts

Blackprinz malt offers a unique twist on the classic black malt experience. While it shares the dark colour contribution of its roasted brethren, Blackprinz stands out for its smoother, less astringent character.

 Subtlety is its Superpower:

Unlike black malt, Blackprinz boasts a de-husked barley base. This results in a milder roast profile with minimal harshness or bitterness. Think of it as a refined, sophisticated version of black malt, focusing on rich color without overwhelming your beer with intense roastiness.

Benefits for the Discerning Brewer:

Blackprinz offers several advantages for homebrewers seeking more control over their dark beers:

  • Deep, Rich Color: Similar to black malt, Blackprinz achieves a jet-black color even at lower percentages (typically 1-5% of your grain bill) perfect for stouts, porters, and other dark styles.
  • Enhanced Flavor Profile: Blackprinz adds a subtle roast character with hints of chocolate and coffee, allowing other flavors in your beer to shine through.
  • Smoothness and Balance: The de-husked nature of Blackprinz eliminates harsh bitterness, creating a smoother, more balanced flavor profile in your dark beers.
  • Versatility Beyond the Dark: While ideal for dark styles, Blackprinz can also be used in smaller quantities (less than 1%) in brown ales or strong ales for a touch of subtle roast complexity without overpowering the base style.

Unleash Your Inner Brewmaster:

Blackprinz is a powerful tool for creating nuanced and balanced dark beers. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your brewing:

  • Craft a Classic Stout with a Twist: Use Blackprinz as your primary dark malt in a stout recipe to achieve a deep black color with a smooth, roasty character.
  • Elevate Your Brown Ale: Add a touch of Blackprinz for a hint of sophisticated roastiness that complements chocolate and caramel notes.
  • Experiment with Black Lagers: Blackprinz can add a subtle roast dimension to black lagers, maintaining the crisp lager character with a hint of roasty complexity.

Blackprinz is a must-have for homebrewers seeking to explore the darker side of brewing without the harshness. By utilizing its subtlety and colour potential, you can create sophisticated dark beers that are both visually stunning and flavourfully balanced. 

SRM: 500

Possible Substitutions: 

Black Malt, Roasted Barley, Carafa, Dark Chocolate

Usage Levels / Beer Styles

  • 1-2% Minor colour adjustment with little to no flavour impact in lighter coloured lagers and ales
  • 2-5%Adds colour with subtle, smooth flavour
  • 5-10% Use in larger quantities for colour plus mild roasted malty flavour

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