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Blichmann | Breweasy™ Classic - 5 Gallon Batch (7.5G/10G Kettles)

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The BrewEasy™ (now featuring US Patent & Patent Pending Surface™ electric heating technology option) is a revolutionary, ultra-compact, economical all-in-one brewing system. This patent-pending system utilizes a two-kettle recirculation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS™ process (K-RIMS™ for short). The BrewEasy™ all-grain brewing system is simple to use and serves as an approachable way to transition from extract to all-grain brewing. It eliminates the need for sparging, simplifies the process, and saves you time.

More Grain Capacity

The 10 Gallon BoilerMaker™ kettle is the perfect size for a 5-gallon finished batch with up to 18 lbs of grain.

Best Wort Clarity

Achieve the same high-quality wort from a 3-tier system, without the additional space requirement.

No Lifting Basket

The BrewEasy™ Classic eliminates lifting heavy hot grain baskets, as the wort gravity drains into the boil kettle-saving you time and stress.

Superior Temperature Control

Build the brewhouse to match your brewing style with options for heating type, recirculation, and post-boil chilling. Your Brew, Your Way.


Do you long for a sparging system with a “set-it-and-forget-it” design? The elegantly simple construction of the AutoSparge™ level and flow control system lets it automatically set the hot liquor flow rate and liquid level and adjust to compensate for a constant level in your mash tun.

RipTide™ Brewing Pump

Say goodbye to struggling with a noisy, hard-to-prime, and modified general-purpose pump. The RipTide™, featuring a carbon fiber impeller for added protection against damage caused by dry usage, is the only pump you'll ever need.

Sight Glass

Externally mounted sight glass allows you to monitor liquid levels and help prevent stuck mashes from happening, while you brew with the lid on.

Button Louver False Bottom

The unique button louver design gives you both a highly efficient and clog-resistant false bottom that's one of the best on the market.

What's Included:

Mash Tun (Top Kettle)

  • BoilerMaker™ kettle with G2 Linear Flow Valve
  • AutoSparge™ hole in A2 location
  • False bottom

BrewEasy™ Lid kit

  • Lid adapter ring
  • AutoSparge™
  • Drain tube from top kettle
  • ½" silicone hose
  • 4 QuickConnector™ fittings
  • 4 hose clamps
  • Orifice kit

Boil Kettle

  • BoilerMaker™ kettle with G2 Linear Flow Valve
  • BoilCoil™ (optional) holes in R1 location

BrewEasy™ kit

  • BoilCoil™ (optional) and power cord
  • Electric BrewCommander™ with temperature sensor and power cord
  • RipTide™ brewing pump