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Blichmann | Breweasy™ Compact - Tri-Clamp (5 Gallon Batch)

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The BrewEasy™ Compact is the easiest-to-use high-end brewing machine on the market. Designed to make 5-gallon batches, the Compact is the right fit for homebrewers looking to make extraordinary beers without taking up much space.  Ideal for apartments and shared living spaces, the Compact yields big results in small footprints.


Welded Tri-Clamp Fittings
1.5" robotically welded tri-clamp fitting
Tri-Clamp G2 Linear Flow Valve
Looking for the perfect flow and the ability to dial it in every time? Our patented linear flow valve design packs the perfect control with a cool-to-the-touch grip.
Rotating Dip TubeGone are the days of transferring the hops and trub at the end of your brew day! Only rack off that high-quality crystal clear wort.
Sanitary Tri-Clamp ConnectionsTri-clamp connections are sanitary, quick to move, and easy to clean. 

Heating Options:

120V or 240V Operation
We offer our electric BrewEasy™ Compact in 120V and 240V configurations to match the voltage available in your brewery. 
BoilCoil™ Immersion Heater
The ultra-low-watt density BoilCoil™ heaters provide 3750 watts at 240V and 2250 watts at 120V for a scorch-free brew day.
Electric BrewCommander™ Digital Controller
The patent-pending BrewCommander™ features touchscreen operation, precise and accurate temperature control, automated step-mashing, purpose-built brewing timers, remote pump control, and more!
Surface Heating Technology
The US Patent & Patent Pending Surface™ electric heating technology was designed to combine the best features from both Gas and Electric brewing into the Ultimate heating method providing the easiest clean-up EVER seen to date!
Max Grain Capacity 18 lbs
Kettle Volume 10 Gallon
Max Finished Batch Size 7 Gallons (with sparging)
Min Finished Batch Size 3 Gallons
Voltage 120 or 240
Heating Power (120V) 2250 Watts
Heating Power (240V) 3750 Watts
Burner Output 140,000 BTUS
Pump Max Flow 7 GPM
Pump Head Pressure 21 Feet