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Blichmann | Wineeasy™ - Press Pistons

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The WineEasy Piston is used in conjunction with the WineEasy fermentor and WineEasy vacuum press kit, to press must from the pomace once the free runnings of the wine have been drained after primary fermentation. The WineEasy Piston makes this process quick, efficient and easy, keeping everything in a sealed environment, which minimizes oxidation and possibility of contamination while giving consistent results.The design is such that the piston will not extract extra harsh tannins out of the grape seeds, creating smoother, more palatable wines of incredible quality.

The pistons are available in sizes to fit each of the three WineEasy Fermenters (20, 30 and 55 gallon).

You will need one Piston Assembly for each different size WineEasy Fermentor you have, and if you have multiple WineEasy Fermentors of the same size, you will only need one Piston Assembly to press all of them!