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Burton Water Salts - 1/3 oz

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Contains papain to prevent chill haze. 1 package sufficient for 5-Gals.

Burton water salts are a type of mineral salts used to adjust the mineral content and pH of water. They are specifically formulated to mimic the water chemistry of Burton-on-Trent, England, which is famous for its pale ales. The addition of Burton water salts to the brewing water helps to enhance the malt flavours and bring out the hop character in beer styles such as IPAs and pale ales.

In general, the water used for brewing beer can have a significant impact on the final flavour of the beer. Different water sources contain different mineral levels and pH levels, and these factors can affect the fermentation process, the extraction of flavours and aromas from the hops and malt, and the overall character of the finished beer. By adding Burton water salts to the brewing water, brewers can ensure that they have the correct mineral content and pH levels to produce beer with the desired flavour profile.