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Carafa Special Type III Malt - Weyermann

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A dark to extremely dark, saccharified barley malt with strong colouring power. Made from de-husked barley malt.

Sensory properties: fine roast aroma with reduced astringency and bitterness, notes of coffee, cacao, and dark chocolate

Enzymatic activity: none

Use: baking agents and other foods


  • intense coloration
  • adds strong, earthy and bread notes

Typical Beer Style(s): Ale, Lager, Black IPA, Stout, Scotch Ale, Porter, Stout

Recommended Maximum Usage: 1-5%

Possible Substitution(s): Pale Chocolate, Roasted Barley

Color: Very Dark Brown to Black
EBC: 1100-1200
Lovibond: 415.2 – 452.9