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Caramel 120 / Dark Crystal 120 Malt - Briess (Pre-Milled)

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Pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisiny, prunes

This is a drum roasted crystallized malt that improves foam, enhances viscosity, and contributes golden hues with a dried fruit, candy-like sweetness. Our Caramel Malts are roaster produced, making them the fullest flavoured and best-performing Caramel Malts.

SRM: 120
Moisture: 3%
Yield on Grind: 75%

Product Details

Usage Levels / Beer Styles:

  • 1-3% - For balance in Pilsners
  • 5-10% - In lagers ranging from Vienna and Oktoberfest to Dark Lagers
  • 5-10% - In a variety of ales including Pale Ales, bitter IPSs to Porters and Stouts and Barley Wine
  • 10-15% - In various styles including Doppelbocks and Barley Wine

Possible Substitution:  Weyermann CaraAroma

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