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Caramel 40 / Crystal 40 Malt - Briess (Pre-Milled)

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Briess caramel malts are produced in a roaster rather than a kiln. This allows for the application of higher temperatures to the green malt, resulting in the development of unique flavours, colours, and aromas. Caramel 40L is a popular and versatile medium caramel malt that will contribute rich golden hues and smooth flavours of sweet toffee and caramel. Use 3-15% in many beer styles to enhance the body, foam stability, colour, and flavour of your beer. 40°L

Flavour & Color Contributions:

  • Malt Style: Caramel Malt (Roasted)
  • Flavour: Sweet, Caramel, Toffee
  • Color: Contributes golden hues
  • Recommended Maximum Usage: 3-15% for enhanced body and foam stability with a mild colour and flavour contribution.  

    Typical Beer Style(s): Any, West Coast IPAs

    Possible Substitution(s): Crystal 30, Crystal 50, CaraMunich II

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