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Carapils Malt

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No added flavour.

This is a very unique dextrin-style malt that adds body, foam retention, and beer stability without influencing colour or aroma. The non-fermentables in Carapils® Malt are advantageous in balancing body and flavour of dark-coloured beers. It has the full glassiness of a Caramel Malt, and is devoid of enzymes, and can be steeped in hot water or mashed.

Recommended Maximum Usage: 1-5% for enhanced body and foam stability with a mild colour and flavour contribution. Can be used in higher amounts to create the body of higher alcohol beers without the alcohol.

SRM: 1.5

Moisture: 6.5%

Yield on Grind: 75%

Typical Beer Style(s): Any, Lagers, West Coast IPAs, Session IPAs

Possible Substitution(s): Crystal 30, Dextrine

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