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Centennial Pellet Hops

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Centennial is a very balanced hop, sometimes called a super Cascade. It is typically used in American ales and has also been used with American wheat beers. This hop has a favourable following among craft brewers. It was named for the Washington State Centennial Celebration.

Centennial has seen a resurgence in the industry. In its short life, it has seen rise and fall, and is now on an upswing. Its versatility in different beer styles, resistance to disease and fungus, and moderate storagability will keep Centennial in the American mainstream for some time to come.

Brewing Usage: Aroma
Pedigree: Derived from 3/4 Brewer's Gold and contributions of Fuggle, East Kent Golding and others
Typical Beer Style(s): American Style Ale, IPA, Porter
Typical Alpha Acid Levels: 7.8%
Possible Substitution(s): Cascade, Columbus, Thomahawk, Zeus, Citra