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Closed Pressure Transfer Kit | Spike Brewing

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Spikes closed pressure transfer kit (CPT kit) will allow you to rack your beer from your conical to keg without exposing it to the air. This will help you avoid off-flavours that can be caused by oxygen coming in contact with your beer. 

The Spike CPT kit uses all stainless hardware and Ultra Barrier tubing which is antibacterial due to its silver lining. It is also BPA free and over-sized to promote a quick transfer. The CPT will attach directly to the 1.5” TC racking port on your fermenter. 

CPT Kit:

  • 1.5" TC to flare
  • 1.5" TC clamp
  • 1.5" TC gasket
  • Flare to liquid ball lock
  • Gas ball lock blow off

 Recommended accessories: