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Cluster Pellet Hops (1 oz) - Toronto Brewing

Cluster Pellet Hops (1 oz)

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Cluster is an excellent general purpose hop with medium and well-balanced bittering potential and no undesirable aroma properties. Typical beer styles include ales (aroma), lagers (bittering), and stouts.

Cluster makes a great dual purpose hops. The alpha acid content of Cluster Hops is 5.0%-8.5%. The bitterness from this variety is not overwhelming, and is balanced with its floral flavor and aroma. Cluster Hops has fairly high myrcene oil content which definately adds to this floral bouquet, which is a nice mix between earthy flavors and sweet fuits.

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Pedigree: Unknown- suggested hybridization of imported varieties and indigenous male hops

Storage Stability: ~ 84% alpha remaining after 6 months

Typical Beer Style(s): Stout

Possible Substitution(s): Galena, more...

Source: Beer Legends