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Columbus (CTZ) Pellet Hops

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Columbus (also referred to as Tomahawk and Zeus) was originally bred for its alpha value, but it has also become popular for its oil profile. It is a great hop for dry hopping. Beer styles typically associated with this hop include American IPAs, American pale ales, stouts, barleywines, and lagers for bittering.

Columbus Hops is one of the Three C, including Centennial and Cascade. This variety also has other names including CTZ, which stands for Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus. Tomahawk is the exact same variety, while Zeus is so bitterly close that it gets lumped in. The naming struggle has to do with copyrights and patents between Yakima Chief, Inc, and Charles E. Zimmerman who originally produced the variety. This resulted in a joint venture going by the name of HUSA-CEZ, LLC between Charles and Hopunion USA.

Brewing Usage: Bittering

Pedigree: A descendant of Nugget

Storage Stability: ~52% alpha remaining after 6 months

Typical Beer Style(s): Pale Ale, IPA, West Coast IPA, Brown Ale

Typical Alpha Acid Levels: 15%

Possible Substitution(s): Chinook, Northern Brewer, Nugget, UK Target