Coopers Beer Kit IPA India Pale Ale (5 Gallon/19 Litre)


Early records of “Cooper and Sons” producing India Pale Ale can be found in the South Australian Advertiser, dated February 1868. Thomas Coopers IPA (India Pale Ale) produces a beer with all the hallmarks of a genuine IPA from the “mother land”. A strong ale with robust malt characters and very high hopping levels. This refill contains a Indian Pale Ale (IPA) Concentrate and yeast.

Just add water for fermenting and bottling sugar or carbonation drops at bottling time!

SRM: 10
IBU: 39
OG: 1.036
FG: 1.007
ABV: 3.9%

Difficulty: Easy
Makes: Approx. 5 Gallons/19 Litres of finished beer