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Escarpment Laboratories - Hydra

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Try a new beast for your hazy IPAs.

Hydra is a new genetic hybrid of two of our favourite strains (Cerberus x Vermont). Hydra offers you lower attenuation (65-72%) for a more juicy flavour coupled with strong mango and citrus aromatics. Suited to hazy, hoppy beers from sessions to DIPAs. 

The lower attenuation can help combat the unexpectedly high attenuation resulting from hop creep that results in unbalanced hazy IPAs. See Info Page for more details. 

Note: we recommend extra wort oxygenation when using Hydra for optimal fermentation performance. (at least 10ppm).

Attenuation 65-72%
Flocculation Medium - Low
Optimum Fermentation Temp. 20-25ºC (68-77ºF)
Alcohol Tolerance
Laboratory Escarpment Laboratories
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