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Exchilerator | Maxx Counterflow Wort Chiller

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Welcome to the best Counterflow Wort Chiller on the Planet!

Exchilerator® counterflow wort chillers have become legendary in the homebrewing community and are often regarded as the best counterflow wort chillers available. Their reliability and incredible chilling speeds are the reason they excel as the go to wort chiller on the market. Cooling 5 and even up to 10* gallons of boiling wort in 5 minutes or less.

Our wort chillers deliver unrivalled cooling abilities that translate into shorter brew days, clearer beer, and a cleaner flavour profile.

Even the juiciest IPA's are no match for our chillers as they virtually never clog and simply rinse clean! A true multi-role wort chiller that can be used inline during whirlpools as well as any other brew day application that requires ultra efficient heat exchanged cooling. Many brewers install an Exchilerator right into their recirculation loop to control step temps while steeping or whirlpooling those very last hop additions.

Best of all, every Exchilerator® counterflow wort chiller comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee against defects! Should anything go wrong with your chiller over the course of our warranty, we will repair or replace it for free!

The Art Of "The Chill"!

Our wort chillers use a proprietary co-helical wrap inside an industry first PEX shell exterior. This creates (in our opinion) the most efficient wort chiller ever created for the homebrewing market. The wrap causes your cooling water to tumble, and use the most surface area against the heated copper coil as your wort flows through it. The integrated PEX shell provides more than twice the cooling power found in other counterflow wort chillers. This gives your wort more contact time with the cooling surface and sets a new standard for efficiency found in wort chillers.

exchilerator wort chilling wrap inside of counterflow chiller

Standard Connections Mean "Easy To Use"

Using standard connections makes brew day configuration a snap! Using 1/2" NPT fittings and common garden hose attachments means you can dress up or dress down your wort chiller with basic fittings found around the house or a full quick disconnect system purchased from our shop. Either way, chilling your wort will never be easier or more efficient than when you use an Exchilerator®.

5 Year Warranty Provides Peace Of Mind

5 year warranty for wort chillers image