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Fermaid K Yeast Nutrient - 2.5 Kg

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Complex yeast nutrient

Fermaid K™ is a complex yeast nutrient that contains a blend of assimilable amino acids from inactivated and autolyzed yeast, sterols and unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium sulphate, thiamin, folic acid, niacin, calcium pantothenate, diammonium phosphate (DAP), and inactivated yeast. 

This blended nutrient assists with many of the fermentation challenges yeast face. The balance of amino acids and ammonia salts can be used to boost YAN. The sterols and unsaturated fatty acids provide important survival factors which are needed for alcohol resistance and sugar uptake. Inactivated yeast act as nucleation sites that help keep yeast in suspension and absorb toxic short and medium chain fatty acids.

For optimal results, Fermaid K should be used in conjunction with Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™ rehydration nutrient.

25-50 g/hL 

Suspend Fermaid K in water or juice/must and mix well before adding, especially during fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing of vessel.

Dated expiration. Store in a cool and dry environment at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.