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Five Star IO Star Iodine-Based Sanitizer-4 oz - Toronto Brewing

Five Star IO Star Iodine-Based Sanitizer-4 oz

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<p><span>A low foaming iodophor from Five Star Chemical. To sanitize, spray or immerse equipment with a fresh solution of 1 ounce IO-STAR to 5 gallons cold or lukewarm water (provides 25 ppm titratable iodine). Allow a one minute contact time. When ready to use, drain sanitizing solution. Does not corrode steel or copper.</span></p>
<p>IO-STAR is formulated for use by the bottling, food processing, and milk industry. When used continuously as a sanitizing spray on walls and equipment it will reduce or eliminate odors throughout the processing area. IO-STAR is effective against e coli and s s typhosa as well as most mold and yeast.</p>
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