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Flash Chiller | Kalinka 2 Wine on Tap (2 Lines)

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UBC Kalinka 2: Compact Glycol Chiller for Wine & Beverage Dispensing

The UBC Kalinka 2 is a compact and versatile glycol chiller, perfect for chilling wine on tap, water, or any other soft drink. It features a 2-gallon glycol tank, a reliable ⅙ horsepower (HP) compressor, and a digital thermostat for precise temperature control within the glycol reservoir.

Ideal for Long-Draw Systems:

Despite its compact size, the Kalinka 2 boasts a maximum trunkline distance of 25 feet, making it suitable for long-draw dispensing systems in bars, restaurants, or even outdoor events.

Simple and Efficient Cooling:

Flash chillers like the Kalinka 2 work through a simple yet efficient process. Inside the unit, a reservoir is filled with propylene glycol (glycol for short). A pump continuously circulates this chilled liquid through a looped circuit of tubing (trunkline) connected to the chiller. The product line, which is part of the trunkline, comes into contact with the glycol line, transferring the cool temperature to your beverage.

Benefits of Glycol Flash Chillers:

The Kalinka 2 offers numerous benefits for beverage dispensing systems:

  • Easy Installation: Requires no prior refrigeration skills for setup.
  • Leak-Free Operation: Eliminates the risk of refrigerant leaks.
  • Low Maintenance: Reduces service and maintenance costs.