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Malolactic Bacteria - O-Mega (25 hL)

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Oenococcus oeni strain for strong fermentation, freshness and fruit expression (White, Red).

O-MEGA™ is suitable for fresh fruit expression in high maturity grapes. O-MEGA balances and complements ripe flavours in white wines by bringing freshness, mineral and citrus notes. In red wines it highlights red and dark berries like redcurrant, strawberry, blackcurrant and blackberry. Using this bacteria strain in red wines may help stabilize colour due to its slow degradation of acetaldehyde. Although recommended for ripe grapes it does well in cold climate Pinot noirs.  

O-MEGA was selected in the south of France by the Institut du Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) in Burgundy for its ability to complete MLF, even under challenging wine conditions of high alcohol, low pH and low temperatures. O-MEGA has a late degradation of citric acid resulting in very low diacetyl and low volatile acidity. It should not be used in wine with herbaceous or vegetative notes as these will be amplified.

Wine Condition Tolerances:
  • Alcohol: <16%
  • pH: >3.1
  • TSO at Crush: <60 ppm
  • Temperature: >57°F