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Muntons Extra Light Liquid Malt Extract LME (3.3 lb)

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This Muntons Extra Light Liquid Malt Extract is made entirely out of 100% pure malt extract and is non-diastatic and unhopped. The excellent quality of Muntons pure malt extract is due to the East Anglian barley used; which has been malted to perfection in Stowmarket England.

Can be used by itself for light coloured brews, or combine with specialty grains or other malt extracts for pale ales or lagers. Provides a well rounded flavour with full body and great head retention. Or for use in all-grain batches to boost gravity.

This is a great way to give your home made beer a twist by adding your own combination of hops, spray malts or whatever you want to try. It just avoids having to start completely from scratch!

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