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Oxygen Barrier Beer Bottle Caps (White - 500 Pack)

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These caps have an O2-scavenging liner that can help reduce oxidation. Fits standard, pry-off beer bottles. Not for with use twist-off bottles.

These premium beer bottle caps are designed to safeguard your brew from the moment of bottling until the moment you savour it. They ensure a secure and lasting seal, resilient during transportation, gifting, and storage. With a reliable crimp onto the beer bottle, they resist rust and leaks, featuring an Oxygen-absorbing agent in the liner to prevent unwanted oxidation. A remarkable value for an exceptional product.

The 26 mm diameter caps perfectly fit standard beer bottles, while some imported and sparkling wine bottles may require a 29 mm cap. For those using imported bottles, we recommend a test fit prior to filling.

A crucial tip: Sanitize only the number of caps needed at the bottling time. The oxygen-absorbing agent activates when the cap is wet. Though wetted caps can still function as regular caps when saved for later use, the oxygen-absorbing agent may be depleted. Stay mindful and enjoy your perfectly preserved brew!