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Beer Line Cleaner - Pipeline Fourteen 2 in 1 Colour Verifier (205L)

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Pipeline Fourteen / Professional: The World's Original Color-Changing Beer Line Cleaner


Pipeline Fourteen / Professional is the world's original color-changing beer line cleaner, taking the guesswork out of line sanitation. Simply clean your lines and watch the solution turn purple if any dirt or residue remains. A clean line will maintain its purple color, giving you confidence your system is ready to dispense perfect pints.

Key Features:

  • Concentrated formula for quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Changes color to indicate the presence of dirt or residue.
  • Long-lasting formula for continuous sanitation.


  • Size: 205L (drum)
  • Application: Regular cleaning (every two weeks after deep cleaning with Pipeline Professional Gold)
  • Reduces cleaning time, product waste, and water usage.
  • Concentrated, alkaline formula with built-in color indicator and bactericides.
  • Dilution Rate: 5% (500 ml per 10 litres)