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Pure Brewers | Peach Schnapps (50 ml)

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Peach Schnapps Liqueur Essence is a flavour concentrate used to make the taste of peach schnapps liqueur, a sweet, peach-flavoured liqueur. It can be added to neutral alcohol or other liquids to make homemade liqueurs.

Instructions: Add 695 ml of 40% ABV alcohol to a 1 L bottle then add 240 g of white granulated sugar and shake until all sugar dissolved. Next, add the contents of this sachet and shake briefly, then top up to 1 L with cold water (approx. 105 ml required) and shake well to mix

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, flavourings, glycerine, water, caramel colour (E150(d)), preservative (Sulphur Dioxide). Allergen information: contains derivatives of cereals containing gluten, contains sulphites.