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Refractometer - (Brix and Gravity)

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Tired of your hydrometer? This is an automatic temperature compensating (ATC) refractometer with both a Brix (0-32%) and Specific Gravity (1.000-1.120) scale. It comes with a zippered storage bag, refractometer, sampling pipette, and recalibration screw driver. 

Refractometers are traditionally touted as a tool for all grain brewers since they can be used to quickly monitor the gravity of a fly sparge runoff to prevent from oversparging. However, just about all brewing styles can benefit. Collect a tiny drop of wort, juice, must, etc and drop it on the window to instantly find the gravity without filling a sample tube with 3 ounces. Note: refractometers are accurate in pure sugary liquids but require correction algorithms/calculators to test gravity in liquids containing alcohol.