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Schaefer Sudex Sanke Keg | Stackable D-Type (30L) - 8 Pack

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New 30L (1/4+ BL) 8 PACK Stackable Beer Kegs

This new empty beer keg features a MicroMatic D system Sanke valve and is stackable for convenient storage of multiple kegs.

Clean and Ready to Fill

For optimal performance, the keg undergoes a chemical descaling (pickling) and passivation process, ensuring a clean and ready-to-fill interior. Additionally, each keg is pressure tested for leaks before shipment.


The spear comes with a 1-year warranty, while the keg itself boasts a 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.

Schaefer Sudex Keg: Classic Quality

The Schaefer Sudex Keg is a classic stainless steel keg manufactured from high-quality, European 304 stainless steel. It features a robust keg body with a durable top and bottom chime, designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of use. The Sudex keg utilizes plasma-jet welding, achieving the highest possible aseptic qualities.


  • Height: 23.23 inches
  • Weight: 17.42 lbs
  • Diameter: 11.14 inches
  • Capacity: 30 litres