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Sparkle Stream Kegerator - Single Tap Soda Water Dispenser

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Plusline Door design.  Single tap, holds full size kegs, spotless steel door, reversible door hinge, auto cycle defrost,  scratch resistant worktop, ships with an empty 5lb CO2 tank, 19L new keg & all hardware.  Just pennies a glass!


Elevate your home soda-making experience with the Sparkle Stream Kegerator - Single Tap Soda Water Dispenser. Whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or a newcomer to the craft, this kegerator offers a straightforward and enjoyable solution for crafting and dispensing your favorite homemade soda water. It's time to bring the refreshing sparkle of homemade soda into your home with the Sparkle Stream Kegerator.

This single tap keg cooler can be used as a mini-fridge and is an exceptional addition to any wet bar, game room, or man cave and provides the convenience of soda water on tap at once. It uses an environmentally-friendly R600A refrigerant and has an automatic-defrosting system, making for an excellent product with hassle-free maintenance. This keg cooler includes a single gauge regulator, CO2 tank, and required hardware. It has a precise mechanical thermostat to keep your beer cold and a spotless-steel finish resembling stainless-steel but much easier to clean. Did we mention it has a scratch-resistant worktop? Furthermore, this unit includes all hardware, a chrome guard rail, and drip tray, and optional swivel casters for easy portability. The door hinge is reversible, which allows you to adjust it for either left or right-handed opening based on preference.


  • Single tap keg cooler
  • 5.4 cu. ft. (153 litres) capacity
  • Spotless steel finish – looks identical to real stainless steel but without the smudging
  • Environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant
  • Chrome guard rail and drip tray
  • Keg cooler includes a single gauge regulator, CO2 tank and all required hardware
  • Scratch resistant worktop
  • Free standing, indoor application
  • Automatic defrost for hassle-free maintenance
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Reversible door hinge for left or right-hand opening
  • Optional swivel casters for easy portability
  • Includes shelves to use as a mini fridge
  • 12-month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service.   


Product Dimensions
Width 20.63" (52.40 cm)
26.69" (67.79 cm)
33.56" (85.24 cm)

Package Dimensions
Width 22.44" (57.00 cm)
27.75" (70.49 cm)
34.81" (88.42 cm)

Product 89.20 lbs (40.46 kg)
98.28 lbs (44.58 kg)



1. Assemble Your Equipment:

  • Gather all the components included with the Sparkle Stream Kegerator, including the kegerator unit, CO2 regulator, tubing, and Cornelius keg.
  • Ensure that the kegerator is clean and sanitized before assembly.

2. Prepare the Cornelius Keg:

  • Clean and sanitize the Cornelius keg thoroughly, including the lid, dip tube, and poppets.
  • Fill the keg with filtered or distilled water, leaving some space for carbonation.

3. Chill:

  • Place the keg in the kegerator and seal it tightly, refrigerate overnight. Alternatively you can use ice water to speed up the process.

4. Carbonate the Water:

    • Connect the other end of the regulator to the gas-in post on the Cornelius keg.
    • Set the CO2 pressure to almost 30PSI using the adjustment knob on the regulator.  
    • Shake keg for 3-5 minutes to dissolve CO2.
    • Allow the CO2 to carbonate the water by leaving the system pressurized at 30PSI for 12-24 hours.  Leave longer if not enough CO2.
    • Vent excess pressure by pulling the keg relief valve as needed.

    5. Dispensing Setup:

    • Connect the liquid-out post on the Cornelius keg to the tap on the kegerator using the provided tubing.
    • Make sure all connections are secure to prevent leaks.

    6. Set Serving Pressure:

    • Adjust the CO2 regulator to a lower serving pressure once carbonation is achieved, typically around 10-15 PSI.

    7. Chill and Enjoy:

    • Allow the keg to chill in the kegerator for a few hours to ensure the carbonated water is thoroughly chilled.
    • Dispense the carbonated water by pulling the tap handle gently. Adjust the serving pressure as needed for the desired flow.

    8. Maintenance:

    • Regularly clean and sanitize the kegerator components to maintain hygiene and flavour quality. 
    • Monitor the CO2 tank level and refill as necessary.

    Following these instructions will help you set up, carbonate, and dispense refreshing carbonated water using the Sparkle Stream Kegerator. Enjoy the convenience of having your homemade soda water on tap whenever you desire!