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Stainless Steel Baster 18-1/4" length

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This 18-1/4" stainless steel baster goes way beyond basting turkeys! It's a secret weapon for any homebrewer:

  • Transfer Wort & Samples: The large bulb and long design make it perfect for siphoning wort from carboys or extracting small samples for gravity readings. (Sanitize before use!)
  • Precise Racking: Easily remove sediment at the bottom of your fermenter during racking without disturbing the good stuff.
  • Bottling & Priming: Baste your bottling bucket for a cleaner transfer or use it to measure out priming sugar with ease.

Durable & Easy Clean: Made from high-grade stainless steel, this baster resists corrosion and cleans up in a snap thanks to its smooth surface and large opening.