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Stainless Steel Tail Piece (3/16" Barb)

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Stainless-steel tail piece with 3/16" barb for connecting standard 3/16 ID beverage tubing to a beer shank or sankey coupler. This is the ideal size for most home kegerators where the liquid lines are relatively short. The ID of this tubing will help restrict the flow and prevent foaming in the glass.

Composition is 100% stainless steel--this tail piece won rust, corrode, or contaminate your draft lines with unwanted metallic off-flavours. The perfect match for our stainless steel beer shank and stainless steel faucets.

Requires a Hex Nut or Wing Nut for connection to a beer shank, as well as a neoprene washer; sold separately. Can also be attached to a commercial sanke coupler.