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Still Spirits Distiller's Yeast Rum (20 g)

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An active dried yeast that optimizes the fermentation's congener profile and brings forward the smooth and full-flavoured molasses characteristics expected in an authentic rum. Great for well-rounded white or darker aged rums.

Sufficient for up to 25 L (6.6 US Gal) fermentation.

• Alcohol tolerance: 15% ABV
• Attenuation: 70-100% (low-high)
• Flocculation: medium
Mixing Instructions 
Add directly to fermentation vessel and leave to ferment at 20-34°C (68-93°F) ambient air temperature for optimum performance and quality.
NOTE: Distiller's Yeasts are designed for use when making spirit in the traditional way (i.e. from grain rather than sugar washes).