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Still Spirits T-500 Essential Oil Extractor with Copper Alembic Dome Pot Still

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Still Spirits T-500 Essential Oil Extractor with Copper Alembic Dome Pot Still

T-500 Boiler Features:

  • 25 litre boiler with tap and a 2kw integrated closed element
  • Boil dry reset
  • Thermal cut out fuse
  • Waste discharge tap
  • Fits the Turbo 500 T-500 Condenser or Alembic Dome.
  • Produces 95% yield at 93% purity.
  • Easy to use.
  • The ultimate home distillation unit.
  • Stops producing when alcohol exhausted.
  • Effectively self-contained
  • Individually serial numbered for quality control.

The Still Spirits Turbo 500 is the best on the homebrew market, with the simplest ease of use. The Turbo 500 produces better quality distilled product than any other home distilling device. With a yield of 95% and a quality output of 93-95%, it is not only user friendly, it is one of the highest quality producing units available. Of the new features that have really brought the unit forward in innovation, the passive controlled ceiling temperatures is the shining light. This design prevents the Turbo 500 from collecting distillate over the programmed temperature which optimizes the quality of the final product.

The T-500 has an enclosed heating element to prevent burning of the distillate and create an even boil. It has also increased the level of stainless steel and reduced the presence of copper to a minimum, reducing the effects of copper oxidation whilst keeping enough copper contact to remove unwanted sulfurs during the distillation process.

Alembic Dome Pot Still:

The copper domed top fits onto your Still Spirits T500 Boiler. This can be used in place of the boiler's stainless steel lid and includes the copper dome condenser, hoses, and connection. The large copper surface area of the alembic top acts as a catalyst with the vapor in the still and helps enhance and concentrate the flavors and aromas as well as remove unwanted sulfur compounds. This pot still produces a smoother, richer, sweeter tasting product.

Using the Alembic dome transforms the T500 into an Alembic Pot Still. Instead of stripping flavors to give clean spirit like the T500 Reflux Condenser, this pot still retains and enhances flavours. This can be used when distilling washes that contain flavors that you wish to collect such as caramel notes from molasses or the spiciness of rye.

The Pot Still Alembic Condenser:

The Pot Still Alembic Condenser is best used with the T500 Boiler and the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top. You can however, use this with the T500 Boiler without the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top. To do this, it fits on to the lid of the T500 Boiler. This condenser is what differentiates this still from the T500. It is what retains the flavour rather than stripping it out by refluxing. The Pot Still Alembic Condenser comes with a thermometer, tubing and tap adapter set.


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