TC-100 Heating and Cooling Bundle for CF5 Conical | Spike Brewing


"Our TC100 temp control system will manage both cooling and heating of your Spike Conical. The digital controller's temp probe will feed into the included thermowell on our CF Series Conical. Also included is a specially fitted neoprene jacket which features reinforced port holes to reduce the chance of ripping during install. Last (and maybe the coolest item) is our special insulated tubing. This almost eliminates tube cooling losses and will prevent your cooling lines from sweating all over your floor!"

When the temp in the conical rises above the set point it will turn on the pump submerged in your cold water reservoir (bucket of ice water, dorm fridge, aquarium or glycol chiller, DIY AC chiller, etc). This will pump cold water/glycol through the temp control coil, which mounts to the lid, cooling your beer until it reaches the controller set point.

When the temp in the conical falls below the controller set point the optional heater will kick on warming the unit up. 

TC100 + Heating Package:
- Digital closed loop controller (heating and cooling)
- Insulated tubing (more efficient and no more sweaty tubes!
- Temp Control Coil
- Neoprene Insulated Jacket
- Submersible Pump (pumping cold water through the temp coil)
- Temp Coil Quick Connect Fittings
- Heating Pad (for us northern brewers)